Angie Abrams - Reflections Behavioral HealtH

Everyone has the ability to change and grow

I have worked with clients of diverse backgrounds for over 10 years and understand that no one is immune to suffering and that everyone experiences pain as well as triumphs throughout the course of their lives.


I tailor therapy to meet individual client needs and honor their uniqueness.

Couples Counseling

There's hope for your relationship. I help couples explore how to connect, repair, and strengthen relationships.

Individual Counseling

In therapy with me, you will feel heard and you'll learn skills needed for coping with the distressing parts of life.

Whether you feel confused, lonely, stuck, anxious, depressed, or feel like you’re just not enough, you’re in the right place. We are here to create a safe, non-judgmental space for us to explore and foster lasting change in your life, where you can experience more joy, focus, and fulfillment.


It is the mission of Reflections Behavioral Health to provide outpatient behavioral healthcare services to help guide you on your life journey. Our goal is to provide our clients with effective, individualized behavioral health treatment in a compassionate and caring environment. Reflections Behavioral Health uses evidence-based practices and therapies to mend the mind, body, and spirit.